This is a list of speakers who are available and willing to deliver precon sessions at events. This page consists of:

  • Speaker List
  • How to Update This Page

If you have any questions, please contact the webmaster for this domina.

Precon Speakers

Here are speakers that organizers can contact. Please do not email a large group, but contact individuals that are suitable for your event.

Steve Jones

Contact: DM on Twitter at @way0utwest

Note: Please don’t contact me unless you cannot find other speakers. I rarely deliver precons anymore.


  • Learn Database DevOps With Redgate
  • Database DevOps


  • primarily US
  • Europe
  • possibly Asia/Africa/South America with enough notice

How to Update This Page

This page is maintained by the community. Speakers can add themselves through a PR for this page in the GitHub repo or by sending information to the webmaster. If you want to learn how to submit a PR, visit this page or this link

The following information is needed:

  • Speaker name, formatted as an H3 (formatted as three pound symbols, ###, in markdown)
  • Contact URL (formatted as a URL)
  • Comments from the speaker
  • Topics or precon titles as a list
  • Locations in the world where you will present. These can be cities, areas, or countries.

Please look at other formatting from other speakers or contact the webmaster if you have questions.